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Giglio is more than a sparkling blue sea and brilliant sunshine. This beloved rock is a treasury of flavours, with traditional recipes handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter through generations of islanders. For those who wish to truly understand the real identity of Isola del Giglio, its traditions and incredible flavours, we offer a unique collection of recipes, all the typical dishes of Giglio, on sale in our Pro Loco Tourism Office. It is the perfect souvenir, and it makes an ideal gift, serving up flavours for lovers of every cuisine.

Typical Products
Some of the typical local dishes are: calderone (fish soup), coniglio alla cacciatora (rabbit cacciatore), tuna in oil, cavatelli pasta, panficato (cake with figs), schiacciata Gigliese (cake with almonds, raisins and chocolate), schiaccia di patate (potato flatbread), and ansonaco, our locally produced wine. Our recipes will take you back to Giglio long after you have returned home!

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