isola del giglio

Feast of grapes and open wine cellars

Last weekend of September

The last weekend of September features an important and popular event celebrating an initiative created by our Pro Loco association: the Festival of Grapes and the Open Cellars. In every corner of the quaint village of Giglio Castello, it's possible to taste the d.o.c. Ansonaco wine, together with enticing food served up by the local people. Every cellar is transformed into a "grotto of flavour."

Traditional dishes made according to local island recipes are served – grilled meats, codfish with potatoes, wild rabbit, Tuscan cheeses, and our very traditional "panficato" (cake with figs and chocolate). The star of the festivity is undoubtedly the Ansonaco, a strong dry wine of a fine amber colour, with up to 16°/17° alcoholic strength.

Since ancient times, Ansonaco has been cultivated on the island's soil terraces and in present times, the wine is blended from 90% of the local Ansonaco grape and 10% of Biancone, Moscatello, Malvasia and Procanico grapes. The techniques of cultivation are the same as they were 2000 years ago, and our wine is made without the addition of stabilizers or filtration (this wine is all grapes!). In some wine cellars, the grapes are still pressed with bare feet!

By the end of each evening during the festival, in Piazza Gloriosa, the traditional Quadriglia dance and plenty of music are enjoyed by locals and tourists.

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