isola del giglio

Sport fishing

All the best for our guests

Recreational fishing provides enjoyment and relaxation for everyone, from the casual angler to the ambitious trophy-seeker. A fishing license is required but there is no fee. Our island shores are rocky with abundant areas of sand and seagrass, providing ideal habitat for many species of fish.

This makes casting from the shore an easy and rewarding pastime. For boat lovers, trolling-rod fishing is ideal, as our waters are filled with seabream, amberjacks, tunas, barracudas, and bonitos of every size. Serious trollers may even want to participate in the prestigious RICCIOLA CUP (Amberjack Cup) that takes place every fall on Giglio. The coastal waters of Giglio are also an underwater fishing paradise for both scuba divers and free-divers.

Note: Some areas of the sea around Giannutri are protected as part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. In these areas, swimming, fishing and motor boating are prohibited. More specific information is available from our office. Click on the Mipaaf “Pesca sportive” icon to apply for a license.

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